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To enable sound judgements to be made on how to plan ahead at strategic as well as operational level, we offer a unique range of research services to island-based public, private and third sector organisations. Whether these services are provided on a retained or project-by-project basis, the following research framework and reporting processes are the norm: 

Wild Forest Fires
Global & Regional Trends

The sourcing and interpretation of latest international and national data and information is all important. This work reviews economic and social projections, the implications of geopolitical tensions and events, climate change impacts, and infrastructure development.

Island Trends & Factors

Island-specific data and information from an extensive sample of islands is collected and analysed on an ongoing basis. This analysis covers economic, fiscal, and social trends and performance, environmental strategies and policies, and government Infrastructure investment.

Analyzing Graphs
Client Research Needs

The client's primary research and business requirements are identified at the outset. This is critical to ensuring that, at all times, the reporting process is relevant to the client organisation and that the primary objectives of the research brief are always achieved.

Giving a Presentation
Client Presentations 

To enable the client to fully assess the ramifications of latest international, regional and island trends on their own operations, interactive PPT presentations/Q&A sessions can be commissioned as part of the reporting process. (See also Review Series)


Presentation frequency is at the client’s discretion (e.g. quarterly, half-yearly, etc.) and will take account of the economic or social sector that the client organisation falls within.

Analyzing Data
Bespoke Research 

Bespoke island research and analysis is also provided at any time on a retained or one-off basis.  This can cover specific economic, social or environmental functions in a range of island jurisdictions worldwide.  Examples of island best practice can be identified and reported on.


This work will be costed separately depending upon the scope of the particular brief. 

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