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Primary Services

We offer the following primary bespoke services to both public and private sector clients.  These services can be provided on either a retained or project-by-project basis.   
Island Impact & Risk  
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In what are globally very challenging times indeed, our recently launched service monitors international, national and local trends and then assesses their economic, social and environmental impact and risks on a selected number of island jurisdictions including Jersey, Guernsey, and Isle of Man.     


The service in turn, supports subscribing client organisations located in these communities in their strategic (Board level) and operational decision-making.  It also enables them to achieve a even more targeted approach to areas such as service delivery, human resource allocation, marketing, and the identification of new business opportunities. 

Strategy Planning 
Analyzing Data

Strategy planning is becoming more complex to define due to an increasing number of factors influencing island economic, social, and environmental direction.  Consequently, determining long-term or even medium-term projections are harder to set and formal review systems must be in place to adjust targets successfully. 


We provide organisations with the necessary palette of relevant economic and social data and information to enable sound judgements to be made on how to plan ahead at strategic as well as operational level. ​This also includes the setting up of periodic review processes including the criteria that should be put in place. 

Change Analysis 
Giving a Presentation

Resistance to change very often occurs as a result of adopting a new strategy or implementing a revised initiative.  This can be both external and internal to an organisation and is closely associated with community and stakeholder expectations as well as political aspirations. These can play an important part in the direction that is taken and how successful the change process may be. 


We identify areas of possible resistance and advise on how to counter any negative reactions.  Best practice applied in other island communities elsewhere is also top of mind and can be used as a benchmark in gauging success and resilience.  

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