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We provide the following three primary services to both public and private clients - drawing upon robust data and information, and recognising the importance of critical mass, economies of scale, and the need for innovation.   
Strategic Planning

Strategic planning is becoming harder to accurately to get right due to an ever-increasing number of external factors influencing both public and private sector organisations.  Therefore, key aspects of our work involve access to, or the generation of, sound evidence and having a real understanding gained through previous experience of the importance of island economic, social and environmental life cycles.


​Resistance to change can often be a negative factor in the strategic planning process and implementation. Therefore, we ensure any change process is fully understood at the earliest opportunity by all stakeholders and any concerns are addressed.

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Impact Assessment

We identify any economic, social and environmental impacts that might occur as a result of the adoption of a new strategy or the implementation of a revised initiative.  Such work is also closely associated with community and stakeholder expectations and political aspirations. Best practice applied elsewhere is always top of mind and can often be used as a benchmark in gauging success and resilience.  


A business-friendly environment and market accessibility are all important in terms of a return on investment and medium to long-term sustainable growth.  These conditions apply in the delivery of both a public or private sector service or project. 

Research & Analysis 

The need for robust data and information is essential in achieving a successful outcome to any new initiative.  We therefore ensure that, at all times, recommended courses of action are based on sound evidence as well as realistic projections.  

We also monitor not only the costs of but also the benefits from the potential adoption of a strategy or policy.  Accurate financial analysis is essential given the current fragility of the business environment generally and the need for careful investment over time.  One should never underestimate how often a very fine balance exists between the costs incurred on a project and the benefits eventually yielded from it. 

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