Primary Services

We offer the following primary and often inter-related services to both public and private sector clients.  These services can be provided on either a retained or project-by-project basis.   
Strategic Research
Retained Service
Analyzing Data

Strategic planning is becoming ever harder to determine in both the public and private sectors due to an increasing number of major external events and factors influencing island economic, social, and environmental trends.  


To address these issues, we constantly monitor international and national trends and provide organisations with the necessary palette of relevant data and information to enable them to make sound judgements on how to plan ahead at strategic level. ​

Island organisations are now invited to benefit from our retained 'State of the Islands' research service which:

  • supports and enhances strategic (Board level) and operational decision-making due to the organisation regularly being able to draw upon robust economic and social data and information analysis, and

  • enables the organisation to achieve a more targeted approach to areas such as service delivery, human resource allocation, marketing, and the identification of new business opportunities.


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Impact Assessment
Financial Analysis 
Credit Assessment

We identify any economic, social and environmental impacts, including resistance to change, that might occur as a result of adopting a new strategy or implementing of a revised initiative. 


Such work is closely associated with community and stakeholder expectations and political aspirations. Best practice applied in other island communities elsewhere is also always top of mind and can often be used as a benchmark in gauging success and resilience.

One should never underestimate how often a very fine balance exists between the costs incurred on a project and the benefits eventually yielded from it. We are therefore able monitor not only the costs of but also the benefits from the potential adoption of a strategy or policy. 


Accurate financial analysis is essential given the current fragility of the business environment generally and the need for careful investment over time. Public private partnerships are now often the way forward. 

To find out more about our services, do please contact us.   


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