Vision CI   

Pan-Channel Islands' Integration of Services and Resources 

Vision CI is an initiative we have launched to identify the real benefits of a greater integration of services and resources on a pan-Channel Islands basis.  Following two very successful presentations on the concept, we are now embarking upon Stage Two of the project which opens up constructive dialogue with potential stakeholders and interested parties, seek comments from existing clients, and tests the evidence already gathered.  


The concept of Vision CI is based on what constitutes the 'ideal island' in terms of land area, population levels, economic profile, social infrastructure, fiscal performance, and climate.  While this question is impossible to answer, some island communities have a distinct advantage over others purely because of their critical mass and their ability to benefit from economies of scale.


This scenario equally applies to the Channel Islands which has an overall population of 173,000 and where total annual public sector revenue expenditure is currently at £1.4billion.  There are also some very costly capital infrastructure projects which are either in the pipeline or being considered (e.g. new healthcare facilities, secondary schools, airport redevelopment schemes, etc.).


The initiative is to highlight the vulnerabilities facing the Channel Islands and where the adoption of 'economies of scale' policies would be most appropriate across all of the islands to meet ever greater external and local challenges. Above all, the primary objectives are to achieve better and more efficient service levels, take advantage of merged economic and social functions, and save money.

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