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Impact & Risk Review Series 

To also meet the primary objectives set out on the Home Page, a unique element in the reporting process is the launch of our Island 'Impact and Risk' Review Series. Commencing at the end of June, organisations can sign up to this cost effective, retained service and receive detailed bi-monthly Reviews focusing on critical island issues.  The identification of best practice is also a primary feature of the research.




The first Review (contents here) covers the current challenges facing islands in the delivery of Healthcare.  The second Review, available in September, examines key areas relating to Island Population Profiles, Employment, Skills & Training.  The November Review will concentrate on ​Island Economic & Fiscal Strategies and Projections.  Latest strategies and policies on the Environment, Climate Change and Energy Generation will be the major themes of the January 2025 Review.

In addition, clients also benefit from receipt of bi-monthly Releases which monitor the implications on island communities of rapidly changing global and regional trends and conditions. The contents of Release 1 can be viewed here with Release 2 available in August.


Finally, subscribing organisations will be sent a complimentary copy of a 2024 Appraisal (contents here) of the very important role artificial intelligence is already playing in both island public and private sectors. 

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