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2024 Review Series

External factors beyond the direct control of an island or small community are testing the resilience of island communities and, increasingly, are having to be taken into account by public, private and third sectors.


The 2024 Review Series will be made up of comprehensive quarterly reports identifying how key geo-political trends and events are now impacting on islands and then concentrating on specific island-related issues. The first Review will be available in January and will examine the implications on islands of climate change and the current environmental strategies in place in the light of decisions taken at the 2023 UN Climate Conference (COP28).  Further details will be released shortly.

2023 Publications


Two publications focusing on 'Healthcare' and 'Artificial Intelligence' were released in 2023 and can be viewed below. 

2023 Review 1 cover page image.png


Pressure on island healthcare resources primarily as a result of an ageing population and the world obesity crisis will be considerable and is the focus of this Release


This pressure will manifest itself not only in a lack of actual physical facilities but also in financial shortfalls.  This may require new funding sources to be considered sooner rather than later.

2023 Review 2 cover page image.png

AI IMPACT (click here

Real opportunities now exist to harness IT and AI in many areas of the public and private sectors. 


The extent to which AI and the use of technology generally is being adopted in island communities and how they inter-relate with other topics is highlighted in this Release.  There are of course downsides but these have to be resolved on a global basis.  

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