'State of the Islands' - Reviews 

We are now producing regular 'State of the Islands' Reviews.  The primary aim of these Reviews is to monitor how island communities globally are managing both the impact of the current COVID Pandemic and implementing the recovery process. (Review 1 - Click on the image below) 

Review releases will cover a wide range of subjects including:​

  • Government Finance

  • Economy

  • Population & Demographics

  • Employment

  • Environment

  • Energy

  • Education & Training

  • Information Technology

  • Health & Wellbeing

  • Third Sector

  • Tourism, Hospitality, Retail

  • External Transport

Considerable synergy exists between these topics and so the focus will be on the most relevant at the time of each Review publication.  Islands initially included will be: Bermuda, Cayman, Guernsey, Isle of Man and Jersey.  Best practice adopted in other islands will also be highlighted as appropriate.

'State of the Islands' - Review 2 will be released in early August and will cover 'The Environment and Energy ​Provision'.

Channel Islands' Case Study (Aug 2020) 

A summary case study of where the application of critical mass and economies of scale could be applied was released in August 2020.


This focuses on the Channel Islands and highlights that previous economic and social challenges are always a benchmark to take into account when addressing current and future opportunities and threats. 

Local Press comment on the Case Study Summary can be accessed below.

Guernsey Press

Together, we may just revive and thrive.

Jersey Evening Post

Could the cost of Covid force the islands to work more closely together?