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Islestat - to be launched shortly

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Under our new ISLESTAT brand, four comprehensive island reviews covering the following subjects will be available for purchase online during 2023:

  • Island Health and Social Services (including Long-term Care)

  • Island Economic Trends (including Employment, Transport, Infrastructure, Migration)

  • Island Environment and Energy (including Climate Change Strategies)

  • Island Education and Training (including Digital/IT Development)

The topics chosen represent the most important areas now impacting on island communities wherever they are located.  However, external factors such as geopolitical tensions and climate change beyond the direct control of an island or small community are having to be taken into account in both public and private sector strategic planning.

In addition, there is also a general lack of funding for both key infrastructure investment and the provision of ‘locally based’ services.  This is increasingly of concern to islands and small communities with limited resources upon which to draw in the first place.

Consequently, a sample of islands around the world will feature in each Review to assess what strategies and policies are being adopted and where best practice is being applied.


It should be noted that a number of ‘mother’ jurisdictions, previously delivering significant economic and social support to dependent communities nearby, are also facing or could well experience their own financial stress and hardship.  Public/private partnerships are, therefore, becoming an important element in the funding of both island and small community infrastructure projects and the supply of key services.

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