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Our ISLESTAT Island Review Series has now been launched. 


External factors beyond the direct control of an island or small community such as geopolitical tensions and climate change are having to be taken into account in both public and private sector strategic and operational planning.  The impact is felt across a wide range of island functions and, therefore, to monitor this, the first six bi-monthly Reviews will be covering the following subjects:




Pressure on healthcare resources primarily as a result of an ageing population and the world obesity crisis will be considerable and is the focus of this first Review.  This pressure will manifest itself not only in a lack of actual physical facilities but also in financial shortfalls thus requiring new funding sources to be considered.

IT AND AI IMPACT (July 2023) 


There are real opportunities to harness the developments and applications which are now taking place in IT and AI in so many public and private sector functions.  Island policies relating to the advancements in the use of technology will be this Review’s focus and how these inter-relate with other topics in the Review Series.



A sustainable environmental  strategy and future energy security are critical issues facing islands. This Review will examine how islands are covering the weaknesses and threats and what progress is being made both to counter the adverse impacts of climate change and meet zero-carbon energy generation objectives.    



Ageing demographics places increasing emphasis on those about to join or who are already part of the workforce to have the necessary lifelong skills/experience.  This Review assesses the education and training programmes being applied by several islands and how these match up to future employment demands.



Having sufficient funds to meet  a wide range of services and facilities plus greater infrastructure demands is becoming ever more challenging due to current economic conditions. This Review focuses on how islands are addressing future financial limits and how feasible public/private partnerships are as a possible option.   



Current and future geopolitical tensions and environmental concerns are resulting in internal uncertainties as to what should be the future direction and balance of island economies and social infrastructures. This Review will be concentrating on how island communities are now addressing these very real issues.

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