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State of the Islands 

Global geopolitical tensions and events are already a major concern, but the short, medium, and long-term consequences of such trends are equally worrying. 


This very unstable situation is not likely to improve given current projections and is already presenting economic, social, and environmental challenges for all island jurisdictions and those organisations operating within them.


By constantly monitoring and analysing these global and regional trends and their associated island impacts and risks, our research framework permits very efficient and cost-effective data collection and best practice identification to be applied. 


This enables us then to provide retained research and advisory services to island-based organisations which have three primary objectives. Read more:

Enhancing the client’s own internal data and information used to determine (Board level) strategy, operational direction, and risk assessment.

Offering key research as an outsourced service thus freeing up the client’s internal resources to focus on core functions and activities.

Achieving cost efficiencies/savings in areas such as marketing activity, procurement, recruitment, and business development. 

Principal Consultant


Chris Brock   

Chris is the principal contact for Critical Economics.  He has worked at the highest level of island government in strategic planning, economics, tourism, and utility services.  The origination and subsequent adoption of many successful island initiatives covering economic strategy, land use planning, population management, and tourism development can be attributed to him.


In the private sector, Chris pioneered a unique research capability which not only benchmarked island economic, social and environmental strategies and policies around the world but also identified best practice in many areas.  He has presented at a number of international events and to global organisations and agencies.


Given current very challenging times, Chris' island knowledge and expertise are invaluable when addressing the implications of these challenges on the effective performance of island-based public, private and third sector organisations.  


Chris has been a Member of Chatham House (Royal Institute of International Affairs) since 2017.

Depending upon particular project requirements, we are able to draw on a range of Associate Support with expertise in Finance & Accountancy, Information Technology, Tourism & Transport, Health, and Education.   
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