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Current economic and social circumstances worldwide now present real challenges relating to critical mass and economies of scale. What resources should be committed to providing an essential service or to operating a business profitably? 


To meet these challenges, we focus on obtaining sound data, identifying the facts, drawing upon best practice, and then determining the most practical and cost-effective solutions going forward.    

Based in the Channel Islands, we have successfully addressed major economic and social problems impacting on small communities.

We bring complementary skill sets and, above all, experience to any project whatever its size. We pride ourselves in also being able to offer a mix of public and private sector expertise at the highest level and covering a wide range of disciplines. These are key during a period of recovery and re-invention.

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Securing the Future through

Economies of Scale

Bi-monthly Reviews
  • External threats (e.g. the Covid-19 Pandemic, geopolitical tensions, and climate change) outside an island’s or small community’s control are already and will undoubtedly continue to be major challenges during the next few years.

  • Evidence shows that islands and communities over a certain critical size will tend to cope far better due to economies of scale and their ability to act as a ‘hub’ for smaller communities nearby.

  • Lack of funding for both infrastructure investment and the provision of ‘locally based’ services is increasingly of concern to islands and small communities with limited resources.

  • Many ‘mother’ jurisdictions, previously delivering economic and social support to dependent communities, are now also facing their own financial stress and hardship. Therefore, public/private partnerships will become an important element in the funding of future infrastructure projects and services.

We are pleased to announce the launching of bi-monthly Reviews which will highlight how a sample of island communities globally are addressing the current COVID Crisis and what innovative measures are being put in place during the recovery period.  Each Review will concentrate on economic, social and environmental issues relevant at the time.


Initially, the islands featured will be:

  • Bermuda 

  • Cayman 

  • Guernsey 

  • Isle of Man

  • Jersey

Best practice adopted in other islands will be included as appropriate.