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We are an island-based research organisation focusing on economic, social, and environmental issues impacting on island communities around the world.  Given rapidly changing global conditions, it is essential to understand what future resources should be committed to providing an essential service, a key infrastructure project, or to developing a profitable business?  


To address these challenges, we offer bespoke research and advisory services either on a retained or one-off basis to island public, private and third sector organisations.  The sourcing and analysis of primary data and information and drawing upon relevant best practice are paramount to the successful delivery of these services.

Two primary service areas are as follows:

State of the Islands - Reporting Service
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To employ a permanent internal research team can be very costly indeed.  However, in what are globally very challenging times, island-based organisations should be constantly aware of how international, national as well as local economic, social, and environmental trends are impacting both positively and negatively on their own activities.


To meet this need, we offer a unique and cost-effective reporting service specifically tailored to support your organisation’s strategic and operational requirements and business cycles.

For more details, please click here and do please contact us to discuss further.

Strategy Research Support
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Strategic and operational planning are becoming more complex to determine due to an increasing number of factors influencing island economic, social, and environmental direction.  Consequently, setting long-term or even medium-term projections is harder to do and formal review systems should be in place to adjust targets successfully. 


We provide organisations with the necessary palette of relevant economic and social data to enable sound judgements to be made on how to plan ahead at strategic as well as operational level.  ​To understand more and how we can help your organisation in research support, please contact us.

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