Remote Communities
Remote Communities

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Alternative Energy

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Waste Management

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Remote Communities
Remote Communities

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Primary Focus

Given rapidly changing global conditions, what future resources should be committed to providing an essential service or key infrastructure project, or to developing a viable business?  


To meet these challenges, we offer bespoke research and advisory services to island-based public and private sector clients.  The sourcing of primary data and information and drawing upon relevant best practice are key to the delivery of these services. 


Based in the Channel Islands, we are able to draw upon both public and private sector experience at the highest level within an island environment. This is a key strength during a time of recovery when re-invention and innovation in relation to economic, financial and social planning are high priority areas.


In addition, public/private partnerships will become more critical in the future and therefore appropriate skills sets in both sectors are essential.

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Against a background of the many unique challenges now facing islands, we produce regular Reviews under our 'State of the Islands' brand. 


We have now also launched our new retained research service for organisations located in the Channel Islands and Isle of Man.  This covers full analysis and interpretation of economic and social trends and how these impact on business strategy and policy.