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Given rapidly changing global conditions, what future resources should be committed to providing an essential service or a key infrastructure project, or to developing a viable business?  


To meet these challenges, we offer bespoke research and advisory services either on a one-off or retained basis to island-based public and private sector organisations.  The sourcing and analysis of primary data and information and drawing upon relevant best practice are paramount to the successful delivery of these services.


Two important initiatives we are currently focusing on are set out below.

Island Impact & Risk 
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Many current external and internal challenges now impact on island communities worldwide.  These range from geopolitical tensions and world trade concerns to demographic age drift, infrastructure funding, labour shortages, and climate change.


To monitor these challenges, we offer an 'Island Impact & Risk' review service to organisations located in Jersey, Guernsey, Isle of Man, as well as other islands.


This resource supports and enhances strategic (Board level) and operational decision-making and enables clients to achieve a more targeted approach to areas such as service delivery, human resource allocation, marketing, and the identification of new business opportunities.  

Islestat Reviews
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Under our new ISLESTAT brand, island Reviews will be available for purchase every two months from May 2023 onwards. 

The topics chosen represent hugely important areas now impacting on island communities worldwide.  However, external factors beyond the direct control of an island or small community such as geopolitical tensions and climate change are having to be taken into account in both public and private sector strategic planning.

CI Vision
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Pan-Channel Islands' Integration of Services and Resources 

Vision CI is an initiative we have launched to identify the real benefits of a greater integration of services and resources on a pan-Channel Islands basis.  Following several very successful presentations on the concept, we have now released the case study which is intended to open up constructive dialogue with potential stakeholders and interested parties and tests the evidence already gathered.  


The initiative is to highlight the vulnerabilities facing the Channel Islands and where the adoption of 'economies of scale' policies would be most appropriate across all of the islands to meet ever greater external and local challenges. Above all, the primary objectives are to achieve better and more efficient service levels, take advantage of merged economic and social functions, and save money.

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