To ensure that our services are of the highest standard at all times, the importance of a close client-facing relationship is paramount in any commission we're engaged on.  


Isolated communities, wherever their location, will inevitably experience challenges relating to their size and degree of remoteness.  To address these challenges, we provide specialised support in the areas of 'critical mass' and 'economies of scale'. This can cover a wide range of activities from the efficient delivery of public services to the identification of private sector investment opportunities. By carrying out a detailed audit of current resources in terms of costs, outputs, and future needs, a precise assessment can be made of what critical mass impacts there are and what the most effective course of action should be taken in terms of economies of scale.

Our extensive knowledge of island economic and social infrastructures combined with associated financial, accounting and IT expertise provide a unique blend of skills upon which to draw. With many decades of practical experience behind us in the delivery of a wide portfolio of projects and services, we will offer quality output an value for money. We are also very mindful that the pace of economic, social and technological change is accelerating and what currently might be appropriate as far as strategic and operational direction is concerned could be markedly different in a year or two's time.  Therefore, best practice elsewhere is always a benchmark upon which to draw at every opportunity.